Lesson 2 Part 3 Challenge Word

For this challenge, I created a fairly simple flyer addressing some of the frequently asked questions I get about attending book discussion groups at the library. All of the Microsoft Word features I used can be found in the “Home” tab. I changed the font size of my text to make the title stand out, and to make the whole thing readable from a distance. I also made blank lines in between my FAQs a smaller font size, so as to create white space within the document, for readability’s sake. I bolded the text of the questions to make them easily distinguishable from the answers, and I used different styles of bullets for each question and answer set to add visual interest.

I think that the feature of Word 2010 that I like best happens when you print. In this version of the software, when you go to the file tab, and then click print, it automatically gives you a print preview, without you having to remember to do that step first.


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