Lesson 3 Part 1 Challenge

There once was a librarian who decided that she would prefer being a bestselling author. Being a librarian, she started doing research to see how this could best be accomplished. After surveying the most popular authors at her library, she decided to try her hand at Clive Cussler style adventures. First, she used NoveList to look up Cussler’s works and read plot summaries, professional reviews, and analyses of what exactly it was about Cussler’s books that appealed to readers. Then she used Academic Search Complete to look up journal articles, hoping to ground her story with accurate details about the science and practice of underwater archaeology. With a sense of the appropriate writing style, and some academic research to back her up, the librarian begin spinning an elaborate yarn of shipwrecks, boat chases, ancient treasure, and mayhem on the high seas. After she got a few chapters in, she realized that along with her research into underwater archaeology, she also needed some advice on the finer points of maritime law, in order to lend her book verisimilitude. Nothing daunted, she used the attorney directory feature of the Legal Forms database to find a listing of local lawyers specializing in maritime law. With her i’s dotted, and her t’s crossed, the librarian finished her novel, which spawned a bestselling book series, television program, and collection of limited release action figures. She then retired to her own private island where she lived happily ever after.


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