Lesson 3 Part 2 Challenge

The first staff LibGuide that I explored was “Self-directed Learning”. This is not a guide that I had previously explored, or was even aware of. Now that I have found it, I would like to go back and spend the time to peruse the contents in more depth. I think that this guide could be of use to staff who are looking for the stimulation that professional development can provide. There were blog posts and articles from a variety of sources, as well as information about classes that are available to SAPL staff. Sometimes just taking 10 minutes to read an article can help make someone feel re-engaged with their job and their profession, and this is seems like a good resource to meet that need.

The other staff LibGuide that I looked at was the Circulation guide. This is one that I was already somewhat familiar with. In my experience, this guide is potentially incredibly useful. For reference staff like myself, it can be an invaluable resource for those times when we have to work the circulation desk, and need a quick refresher on policies and procedures. It is also useful when answering questions about programs like Homebound and Texshare.


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