Lesson 6 Part 1 Challenge

I’ll be honest, I have something of a love/hate relationship with social media. In a world where we are constantly having more and more information and stimulation streamed at our heads, social media just makes the din that much louder. It is easy to develop an unconscious, even addictive relationship to social media. I swear I have picked up my phone, and tapped the facebook app without any deliberate thought or movement going into the action. Once I’m on facebook (or twitter or pinterest) it is so easy to let my brain go numb as I scroll through a morass of posts and tweets and pins about…nothing I could name two minutes later. My brain is, I believe, not healthier on social media.

All that said, I think that social media has brought great benefits into my life. My husband and I live over 2,000 miles away from our hometowns and families. Two of my best friends live in Washington DC and Los Angeles. The ease of keeping up with my loved ones is a wonderful gift. Even in writing letters or emails, we tend to only hit the highlights, mention the big stuff. I truly appreciate the way social media gives me a little glimpse into the small joys and frustrations of people’s daily lives.


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