Lesson 11: Wrap Up

My experience with the 11.5 Cosas program was sort of a mixed bag. I thought that the lessons that specifically involved exploring SAPL’s electronic offerings, such as OverDrive and Zinio were very apt, and, in fact, could be expanded. Some of the lessons presented information that I didn’t find relevant, and in some cases the information was poorly written and/or presented. The essay on the history of social media comes to mind. Some elements were fun – I really enjoyed the game about keywords in online searching. On balance, if I were going to suggest one change, I would suggest that each lesson be accompanied by a specific and job-related goal. For example, “When you have finished this lesson, you should be able to perform more efficient online searches when providing reference assistance, and you should be able to provide guidance to computer patrons attempting to improve their own search techniques.”


One thought on “Lesson 11: Wrap Up

  1. theresay

    I agree about expanding on SAPL digital resources. While I did the exercise on Zinio, I didn’t actually check out a title. When I did do that, it was a little more involved than I was expecting. btw, we changed the social media article!



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